Horticulturalists / Gardeners / Nurseryman / Tree Surgeons / Plant Scientists /                  Garden Maintenance / Aboriculturalists

At SEED, we believe that the Garden and Landscaping Industry can offer one of the most rewarding careers of all.

We attract like-minded, passionate individuals who are driven by making a difference; for themselves, the companies they represent, and the planet that they later impact. We find the candidate that is the right fit for all aspects of your business; your customers, your team, and your culture. That's when recruitment really works, and when you receive someone who helps to make great things happen


You're only ever as good as your people. That's why our focus is to personally know the top calibre candidates in your industry so that we have genuine relationships and can act quickly when they are ready to make their move.


We believe that succession planning talented people is the best way to grow a business. The graduates we work with are intelligent, tenacious, and natural communicators - all the qualities you just cannot teach but are essential for success.

"Kate has a natural ability to build trust and commitment because she listens and genuinely cares about
getting it right for the people she works with."
Daniel Baker
Owner, Hudson-Baker

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